contain 2 projects: 

The Age Aquarius Affirmation cards and Angelic Healing cards, 
both sets of cards include a specific music CD. 


The Age of Aquarius cards are a unique tool for reading spiritual messages. 


The angelic healing cards can heal thanks to interconnection with angelic light protectors.

This product are protected by a quality and functionality brand.

The author's foreword: 

Affirmation cards of the elemental base with a comprehensive graphic illustration of the human soul journey are a unique aid tool for connecting with a new Earth energy of the Age of Aquarius. This energy is a manifestation of the universal feminine force that we call the Pre-mother of all creation. The power of the Pre-mother comes from the source of life itself; all living is tied to her due to the "law of attraction of the homogenous" functioning and she provides necessary information for connection or for strengthening of connections with the universal consciousness for a harmonic come back journey into this source. This journey is a process of the great human soul evolution and of the whole human personality genesis as well, also meant in social contexts of families, dynasties, nations, ethnic groups etc.

In its pre-origin the human soul journey towards realization is of two directions - there is a possibility of the water journey and a possibility of the fire journey. Both these directions lead a human soul through many realizations and experiences when it gains valuable hands-on experience due to which its desire for cognition is being fulfilled. Fulfilment of the soul with these experiences and in this way gained harmony is essential in order that the soul would voluntarily decide to come back into the loving arms of the Pre-mother.

This entirely unique project is a piece of art with healing effects that is built on the basis of deep harmonization. This set of deep harmonization cards is primarily designated for one's own self work, dissolves conscious blockages and in combination with information from Deep harmonization textbook it has healing effects all the way down to deeply deposited Ether bodies of the human being - to his/her biocrystalic structure.

Harmonization via these cards eludes any other established "norms" of card work because due to its vibration it exceeds lower light levels of so called Tarot cards whose original vibration effect corresponds to a galaxy that is already far from vibration reach of the Earth due to the quantum jump of our planet.

I wish you many amazing experiences with the cards of the Age of Aquarius.

Hany Antoninova