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Poets, Pilgrim and Grocer, guides from Angelic Healing cards, will guide you through the pages. 

Get to know yourself and learn to heal. 

You need a Pilgrim to find your true path in life. They will advise and help you how to clean this path and thus your relationships Aquarius cards. 

 The Pilgrim can also help you search for the Truth - about you, about your life, about your mission, about your tasks, and lead you through the Angelic Healing cards to the Fortune Teller. 

She knows the deepest secrets of your existence and can via angels to heal you to soul levels you can't see for yourself. 

The Fortune Teller can only be reached via the Pilgrim. He alone knows the direction of the road to the Lagoon, which is inhabited by angels. And there you will find her.

The Age of Aquarius Affirmation cards 

and  Angelic Healing cards

The Age of Aquarius Affirmation cards
The Age of Aquarius Affirmation cards

The Age of Aquarius Affirmation cards and  Angelic Healing cards are both available now. 

PRICE for a set of both is 100 Euro (price includes 2 music CDs). 

Cards are available for purchase in Eshop. 

The Age of Aquarius Affirmation cards 

Multi-level interpretation cards through which food can heal. 64 CARDS (WITH HARMONIZATION TEXTS, including CD with music), WHICH TOGETHER CREATE ONE FULL IMAGE.

 Angelic healing cards

Cards with harmonizing paintings of Angels, in the original hand made "bag" packaging. 64 angel cards, 6 bonus cards, 8 cards for guidance and protection on the right path (including Cd with music).

Why buy Aquarius cards? Because in addition to leading the right path and harmonizing relationships, the physical body can also heal. 

A very nice gift for everyday advice that will please everyone. 

Angelic Healing cards bring angelic help. Do you need advice for specific situations? Start communicating with the Angels. They will come to you via ANGEL MESSAGES, which can be read in The Age of Aquarius Affirmation cards. It also comes through pictures of angels from Angelic Healing Cards. 

We look forward to your interest in our product.